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Single mother to an exceptional child who shares a love of reading. There's always a book nearby. I love reading and reviewing and sharing new finds with others.
The Longings of Wayward Girls - Karen  Brown There are a great many adjectives to describe this work of dedication and intelligence. Some books you enjoy then put on a shelf or give away without much of an afterthought. Not to say they are not great, just that they don't affect you or get you thinking. Then you come across a book that is so well written that not only is it a page-turner, but it strikes at your core somehow. This is one of those books. We've all done pranks or teasing as children with little or no thought to how it might affect us or others years down the road. This takes us on one journey with eloquent writing and brilliant visuals without going overboard. Well worth the read even if this isn't your usual genre.

Thank you for the free copy provided through Goodreads First Reads. This had no influence on my review.