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The Reintegrators - Will Weisser Refreshing take on a popular theme with well thought out and layered characters. The book as a whole wasn't too far off the beaten track to be dry and forgettable, but it wasn't the greatest thing out there by far. The writing was clear while not overly simplistic. I did find a few minor mistakes but certainly nothing stopping me from wanting to turn the next page. The plot seemed to flow at a rather slow rate with more than enough information being provided, a few rather predictable situation and outcomes, and a few difficult to accept without doubt parts.

I'm torn between three and four stars. I liked it, but it wasn't quite the quality I would grant with the extra star. At the same time, I'm hopeful the author continues his writing and learns from this book, and that it shows in the next. I'm going to be generous in the hopes this one improves, and because there are so many terrible attempts at novels already available through various online eBook stores.

Thank you to the author for providing a free ebook in exchange for an honest review.