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Single mother to an exceptional child who shares a love of reading. There's always a book nearby. I love reading and reviewing and sharing new finds with others.
The Breach Between - Duncan McGonall I loved how the very start of the book had me hooked and the rest of the story kept my interest. Very well written, intriguing story line and curiously developed characters. I enjoyed the complexities as much as the intellectuality. Refreshing take on the genre.
Pizza, Bread & More: delicious recipes for more than 100 Italian favorites - Academia Barilla I wasn't impressed with this cookbook at all. The first third felt more like a poorly done advertisement while the pizza recipes felt repetitive with just different toppings in order to bring the number of recipes to the desired magical figure. Compared to other Italian cookbooks this one fell quite short.
Do-Ahead Dinners: how to feed friends and family without the frenzy - James Ramsden Aside from the beautiful photographs and tidbits of information there are lovely and tasty recipes all throughout this book. Granted some ingredients are not common place in the U.S but nearly everything can be substituted for what is easily found without ruining the end result. I actually enjoyed reading through the extras and would love to have this one in my kitchen library, perhaps with an extra copy to set out on the coffee table for guests to peruse.
Gospel for the Damned - Gordon Gravley Interesting take on an otherwise popular subject that leaves the reader thinking well after reading the last page. The characters feel authentic and actions/reactions believable. Enjoyable page-turning read, especially since the reader is able to come up with their own conclusions. The only drawback would have to be that the cover isn't very compelling. This is certainly one book you can not judge by the cover.
The Garden of Stones - Mark T. Barnes Right up front you are bombarded with a wealth of information about the world and those that inhabit it. At times it's just too much to absorb for the average reader. If you can get through the first half of the book you'll find this is a really great read. I wasn't fond of the exotic descriptions, especially of the battle scenes. The book as a whole has a lot to offer with well fleshed out characters and a plot that is anything but simple. Overall it was an enjoyable read and I look forward to future releases by this author.

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Hillbilly Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus While written simply, the book did not flow smoothly. It was an interesting read for any who might be curious about this well-known person. It seemed honest which is a huge plus. The name drops didn't feel like fluff or self-praise which is good. Overall it felt short and like a lot was left out.

I received this book through Goodreads First-Reads. Thank you for your generosity.
Raising Redemption: A Novel of Shame, Secrets, Sacrifice, and Struggle - R.A. Russell Well worth the read even if it's not your typical genre to pick up. Very well written as it draws you into the story while warming the heart. Parts are quite thought provoking. The characters feel very real, well fleshed out. A real page turner with a plot that pulls you in and keeps you reading to the last page.
Jessie's Song - Eleni Papanou Definitely one of those books you have to read while fully awake and without all of life's distractions vying for your attention. The story is endearing and the plot moves along nicely but the writing is overly complex, needlessly so. The speech didn't feel natural and I doubt anyone actually speaks this way. However, if you pay attention you just might love the book. I was generous in giving this four stars instead of three simply because the story is actually really good.
The Book of Lost Things - Cynthia Voigt, Iacopo Bruno Aside from needing a through editing (Read: Remove commas) I found this one a bit too far down the far-fetched scale to be enjoyable. To verify my feelings I had a middle school child read part of the book. They agreed and did not want to continue reading the book. The characters didn't feel believable or fleshed out. Too many strings felt abandoned in the plot, which didn't reach any sort of conclusion.
Dawn to Deadly Nightshade - Shelagh Mazey Cleanly written historical novel with well fleshed out characters and an easy to follow plot. The content is clearly researched and understood before working it into the novel. Well described places and happenings lend to the authentic feel. Enjoyable read once you become used to the way it is written.
The Unholy - Paul Deblassie Underneath everything there seems to be an interesting story, an idea that could become a popular novel. To get that story though, the reader has to wade through endless descriptions for everything possible, badly worded and overused phrases, and grammatical mistakes. I didn't get a fleshed out feeling for any of the characters and found it difficult to connect to any of them. Perhaps with more experience and a rewrite this will earn better reviews and stars.
The Crown Tower - Michael J. Sullivan Excellent writing. Top notch. A definite page turner for those who are new to the Riyria series and a real treat to those who have loved Hadrian and Royce from the first book published. I loved the pace of the plot right up to the last page. Each character had a personality all their own. The world around them was described beautifully, making it easy to imagine everything.
The Twisted Road - Dan Ragin A very well written aptly named novel that will keep you guessing and turning pages from start to finish. Well fleshed out characters and a plot that moves at a perfect pace make this a very enjoyable read. Just enough information is placed within the story line that those who take notice might be able to come up with a good guess as to where things are headed.
The Memory Tree - Joseph Pittman A familiar feeling comes from reading this story complete with the warm fuzzy's as an endearing tale is told in a gentle way. The writing is clean and simple to read. Parts are predictable but in a way that lends to the writing style and enjoyment of the book. Perfect for those who love to curl up with a book that holds their hand and takes them on a gentle journey. It wasn't quite what I'd consider four stars but it was worth more than just three stars.
Compound Fractures (Dr. Alan Gregory) - Stephen White For a final installment of a very long running series I found this book somewhat of a let down. It felt separated from the others in how the characters didn't seem to flow from the previous books to this one. I found myself with that raised eyebrow wondering "Why?" several times to what the characters did or said. Aside from that the writing is well done, engaging and entertaining. Overall the book is an enjoyable read and well worth the time spent wrapping up all the lose ends.
Tropic of Darkness - Tony Richards An interesting easy read with a lot of potential. The plot was intriguing and moved along at a decent pace. It could use some polishing and a bit of editing. There wasn't much in the way of character depth or complicated plot threads but overall it was decent.