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Single mother to an exceptional child who shares a love of reading. There's always a book nearby. I love reading and reviewing and sharing new finds with others.
Hollow World - Michael J. Sullivan Michael has a way with words like a great artist has a way with creating a painting. The plot starts out purposely slower at the start and builds to a perfect pace. Each character feels well fleshed out, layered, 3-dimensional. His ability to world-build is amazing. The attention to detail and delivery is exquisite. Every piece fits as it should and for reasons that make perfect sense. As you take this trip along with Ellis you connect with him and his experiences. Some points are thought provoking while not detracting from enjoying the read, and parts will elicit an emotional response.
Come along and discover Hollow World, you won't regret it.

I received an ebook copy in return for backing his kickstarter. This in no way influenced my review.
Song of the Shaman: A Novel - Annette Vendryes Leach Written very well with just the right amount of everything. A story that touches you and evokes deeply set emotions as you embark on a journey you will not forget. Dynamic, resplendent and exquisite. I loved this story from the first page to the last. The pacing was nearly perfect right up to the very last words. Believable well fleshed out characters helped paint the scenes beautifully and weave the silky threads of their tales.
Horn Pattern - Gretta Hines The plot and ideas for how the story progresses are unique while remaining interesting. I liked how it didn't follow the same well-worn path as other books in this genre. I did not enjoy how the book was written however. Unnecessary descriptions, irrelevant information, and plenty of mistakes thrown in. Overall it was poorly written. Even the supposed foreigner writing in English. With a lot of polishing and a rewrite there is potential for a really good book.
Faeries, Elves and Goblins: The Old Stories - Rosalind Kerven Endearing collection of cherished stories for all ages. For anyone who ever loved a story about these fantasy creatures, you'll love this book. Great to share with those who still have an imagination. I loved the additional information at the back of the book to read separately from the stories. The illustrations were lovely and added to the book. The wealth of additional information and where to find it makes this one shine above the others. Very well done.
Seven Forges - James A. Moore Well written with potential of even greater things to come from this author. The plot starts out almost slow but captivating enough to pull the reader along into a very intriguing story that keeps your attention and desire to continue reading. The characters fit the genre while not feeling like every other similarly placed character types in other novels.

This is the sort of author we should be looking for and supporting. I found very few mistakes and the writing was very well done. Paragraphs where they belong, dialog where it belongs, the right amount of information and a lack of overly done flowery prose that detracts from a great novel. There's always room for improvement and polishing but this one has the potential of something great. I'm actually looking forward to the next installment.
The Paradise Tree - Linda Huber Simply written story keeps the reader turning pages through to the very end. Interesting plot that moves along at a steady pace. A lack of descriptives left the characters and parts of the novel feeling a bit flat or grey. This also made it difficult to connect to the characters as they don't feel real. I noticed a few minor things but nothing terribly distracting. Overall it's a fairly good book with a well done change of POV lending to the suspense until the end. A bit of polishing would make this a four star book.
The Rose and the Thorn  - Michael J. Sullivan Michael Sullivan has a unique ability to write exactly what he wants the reader to know in such a masterful way that is easy to read without being too simple. He is able to clearly paint the scenes with just enough information, allowing the reader to utilize their imagination while thoroughly enjoying the story without distractions; Not too much information, not too little.

The characters are beautifully presented, each with their own unique personalities, quirks, flaws, goals, mannerisms, and they are always true to who they are. Each character is believable from start to finish. The plot is clearly well developed and consistent throughout the entire book. The flow of the story is perfect page to page and definitely keeps the reader wanting to turn the page and not set down the book until it's finished.
Oberon's Dreams - Aaron Pogue An average unremarkable book. The characters need considerable fleshing out. Too much was either glossed over or just not explained while others didn't make any sense. There are slivers of story that show creativity and parts that show potential, it just needs more work. That said, I've read much worse.

I received Oberon's Dreams through goodreads FirstReads. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book and to offer an honest review.
The Last Animal - Abby Geni Heartwarming and touching stories written with an understanding of the world around us in a delightful delicate way. Guaranteed to reach even the coldest heart so bring your tissues as you enjoy these stories. Well balanced and skillfully delivered with a bit of flair. This book comes highly recommended.
Poets Translate Poets: A Hudson Review Anthology - Mark Jarman, Paula Deitz Normally when you translate poetry it just doesn't come through as it does in the language it's originally written in. Here we find beautiful poetry translated flawlessly in keeping with the meaning and soul of the original. There's further information included as well. Well worth sharing and enjoying for ages to come.
All Is Fair - Emma Newman Interesting third installment of an enchanting story. Even without having read the first two books I was able to enjoy this one. The plot and characters are appealing although a few are much easier to connect to than most of the others. The author is able to engage the reader's attention and keep it throughout the book. Cleanly written without unnecessary fluff.
Painted Ladies : A Jasmine Frame Story - P. R. Ellis Uniquely devised characters and plot. While not the subject matter for everyone, it does present challenges and character development in an enjoyable manner. Quite well done for a debut novel with considerable potential for more.
Tainted - A.E. Rought Very well written story with a plot that keeps your attention from start to finish. Intriguing, fascinating, exciting, gripping. The characters were layered and had proper believable flaws making them feel very realistic and drawing you in. Excellent handling of the plot right through the climax and on to the last words on the last page.
Letters From a Murderer: Introducing Jameson & Argenti - John Mathews Intriguingly written plot with familiar character developments. While some parts seem a bit overdone overall it was a good book if you look past the cliche and just enjoy the story.
The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook: 100 Delicious Heritage Recipes from the Farm and Garden - Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Brent Ridge, Sandy Gluck Styled like the older cookbooks I used to flip through as a child while my grandmother flittered around the kitchen, this cookbook brings those cherished recipes to our homes with easy to follow steps. Sure to please and bring tasty results, or even strike up conversation from the coffee-table. About the only thing I didn't like was the lack of photos showing what each recipe should look like. I enjoyed looking through this. A great addition to the kitchen library.
Skulk - Rosie Best This one is a mixed bag. I really liked the story idea, the way the groups were handled and the writing was solid. The plot, while a really good idea, didn't flow smoothly and at times felt like it completely stalled. I enjoyed the book but I did have a hard time connecting with the main character. It was an easy read and would be appealing to the younger generation or an easily distracted audience. Overall it was good, not great.